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Empower Your Life with Crystals

Updated: May 12

Personally, I love crystals, I collected them as teenager and they have been with me ever since. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and a variety of colours, they are used in technology, like your TV and phone, and whether or not you believe in the healing power of crystals, you cannot deny they are beautiful treasures that come from our beautiful Earth.

When I say treasures, I literally mean it, they are mined and dug up from the earth in places all over the world. Unfortunately, just like anything else that is exploited, there is a dark side to crystal mining. Today, with celebrities using them, they have become very popular, and a huge multi-billion-dollar industry, that has gotten out of hand because it is yet another unregulated business (no laws checking up on it). Therefore, labourers end up low-paid and working in unsafe conditions.

Also, when it has come to the point of damaging the Earth from too much mining then perhaps it’s time to stop, and make use of the ones already available to us. At some point enough has to be enough.

It’s very difficult to know if your crystals were ethically mined, so even though they are not all classified as precious and expensive to buy, I believe we need to treat them all as treasures, and count ourselves lucky to have them and not take them for granted.

What to do with them and how do crystals work?

Well, you can just keep them on display and admire their beauty, but you can also choose to use them as a tool to enhance your life.

Whilst many people think crystal healing is a load of nonsense, many others swear by their metaphysical powers – metaphysical means beyond the physical, it exists but there is no scientific proof. The belief that stones have healing abilities, is millions of years old, it’s like the natural healing power of the sun, moon and sea.

Positive Thinking and Visualisation

A successful self-help author, Napoleon Hill, said, ‘Thoughts are things’, and many more books have been written on the basis of that claim, about how you can change your life with the power of the mind. I don’t claim to have read these books or be an expert on this, although it’s very interesting but from my own personal experience, I do believe the way you think effects your mood and vice versa of course. What I mean is, if you keep telling yourself something, eventually your whole being will react to that thought, your mind will believe it and your heart too, and the result is whatever vibe or energy you put out into the world, you attract that same vibe back. Your thoughts can manifest into reality so better make them positive.

Visualisation is the same kind of thing, using your imagination to mentally see something even though it’s not in front of you. I use it when I want to do yoga but I don’t feel like doing it because it’s too much effort, I visualise myself doing it instead, and I’m good at it, and it makes me feel great, and before I know it, I really am doing yoga! Combine positive thinking with positive visualisation, then add crystals to the mix and you have the recipe to make life work for you.

How to start.

Think of a positive affirmation, or an intention, like “I am happy” or “to love myself” next, pick up a stone and focus on the affirmation, keep it with you and when you hold it again think the same thought, “I am happy”. The stone will help you focus on the affirmation.

Create a connection between your affirmation/intention, and the stone; carry it with you, put it on your desk, place it under your pillow or next to your bed. When you hold the stone remember it. Visualise the affirmation is real, so if it’s “I am happy”, imagine yourself smiling, laughing, in a state of contentment.

Write down your affirmation to remind yourself. You can have a different one each day or each week, depending on your needs. When a crystal is combined with an affirmation, the stone increases it. Use it as a tool to help you focus on good thoughts and remind you of your positive intentions. Also, try to think of ways you can achieve your intention, if it’s “to love myself”, you need to stop criticisng yourself, otherwise it will not happen. This applies to goals, an intention is like a goal, write it down, and write different steps you can take to make it real. Then use the stones to enhance it.

List of Intentions: List of Affirmations

To love myself I am happy

To attract good people I am healthy

To have more patience I am safe

To be more peaceful I am hopeful

To be more accepting I am loved

To be kind to myself I am joyful

To be more loving I am full of life

To have more focus I am protected

To have more energy I am creative

Popular Crystals and their Uses

AGATE: A grounding stone, helps with focus and balance.

Comes in many different colours. Brown and Black are grounding, and provide a sense of security.

Blue is soothing and calming.

Orange is energizing helps you complete something you're putting off. Improves focus and concentration.

AMETHYST: Purifying, eliminates negative energy and creates a calm and positive environment. Creates positive dreams, preventing nightmares.

Helps to tap into your intuition to make better decisions.

Aids in feeling positive when you're down. Relieves stress and anxiety, good if you have exams coming up! Worn as jewellery it increases courage and helps you deal positively with change. Aids in breaking a bad habit.


Associated with the sea and used by sailors in ancient times to encourage safe travels. Creates courage to face hidden feelings. Protects against negativity. Calms the mind and soothes the temper. Helps with communication and provides confidence in self-expression. Encourages tolerance of others. A spiritual stone that taps into your Intuition.

BLACK TOURMALINE (tur-ma-lean):

A protection stone especially against negativity. Cleansing and balancing, also grounding. Helps you feel safe. Reduces the effects of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) from phones and computers. Promotes positivity. Helps you focus on what you are doing.

CALCITE: is orange, blue, honey, brown, green, pink, red and clear.

Orange is calming. Especially good for relaxing the muscles and back, after a good workout, if you're feeling sore. Balances the emotions. Supports during emotional change, eliminating anxiety, worry and fear and providing comfort.

Enhances and motivates creativity.

Blue good for communication and expressing oneself, when you need to communicate something important in a sensitive manner.

Clear: Powerful in Cleansing negative energy. Increases mental energy.

CARNELIAN (car-neal-yun):

Turns your creative ideas into reality.

Helps to motivate you finishing a creative project.

Balances feelings of anger and frustration, providing courage and joy.

Provides confidence.


Empowering women in communication, self-expression and teaching.

Stimulates the mind.

Very healing when dealing with

abuse or anger.

Helps in coming to peace with difficult feelings and emotions.

Comforting and calming.

Helps in releasing emotions and finding peace.

Allows truth and inner wisdom to surface.

CITRINE: Boosts self-esteem and confidence. Aids in pursuing your goals.

Setting boundaries and valuing oneself. Being the best you can be. Promotes optimism and positivity. Security and courage to speak in public. Associated with wealth and success.

CLEAR QUARTZ: contains the full spectrum of light.

You can use it for anything that you need to focus on. Helpful when you are studying, increases concentration and memory. Keeps a clear mind, useful when you are uncertain and need clarity. Healing and cleansing of negative energy, including environmental negative energy like, electromagnetic radiation.


Emotional stability and a sense of belonging. Great for focus and motivation, if you’re feeling lazy and don’t feel like doing your homework, or studying. Stimulates creativity and new ideas, and the will power to fullfil them. Protection from danger and provides courage.

GOLDSTONE: A man-made stone from copper, doesn't hold the healing energy of natural crystals but with your love, the energy can shift.

It is sparkly like the stars and a reminder that you too can sparkle.

Use it to provide self esteem, courage and a positive attitude.

Uplifting, balances emotions and boosts confidence.

Also, known as an ambition stone.

HEMATITE (heem-a-tight):

Positivity when feeling insecure. Calming and relaxing especially if you are hyperactive. Helps you focus on one thing at a time. For good restful sleep and to feel safe and secure, combine hematite with rose quartz and place close to your bed to provide a sense of protection and loving energy.

JASPER: Comes in red, brown, orange and yellow. They have many different patterns, and each pattern a unique quality. Generally, it is:

Good for grounding and focus. Supportive in times of need.

Protection from negativity.

Cleanses from electromagnetic radiation. Provides courage to be pro-active.

Also creativity and motivation.

Calming, makes a good worry stone.

LAPIS LAZULI (lap-iss la-zoo-lee):

For Grounding and protection. Releases stress, creates harmony and peace.

Raises self awareness and confidence for self expression. Taps into your inner truth and wisdom.

Provides honesty and compassion. Calms anger and irritability.

MALACHITE (mal-a-kite):

Protection stone, cleanses negative and toxic energy.Protects against radiation and electro-magnetic pollution. Clears away fears, promotes courage and wisdom to address difficult issues.

Stone of transformation, aids in accepting and embracing change.

Helps maintain balance, calm and focus on love and well-being.

MOONSTONE: includes white, peach, beige, brown and black.

Taps into your Inner wisdom and strength . Enhancing intuition.

Creates patience. Inspires success.

Thoughtful and Nurturing.

Calms and soothes emotional instability and stress.

OBSIDIAN (obb-sid-ee-in):

Volcanic, made of glass, they are usually black and brown. The colours can vary. Sometimes they take the shape of arrowheads. The reflective quality is like a mirror bouncing off any negativity and providing protection. Snowflake Obsidian with white markings is a reminder that there is light within darkness, and will help you focus on the good even during difficult times, providing hope and diminishing fear.

SELENITE (sell-a-night):

A spiritual stone, it connects with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Calms and clears the mind, good for meditators. Clears away any worries.

Cleanses negative energy, creating a calm environment. Cleanses and charges other crystals. Enhances the memory, dispels negative thoughts and memories.

Aids with insomnia.


has luminous streaks of golden brown that shimmer in the light. Sometimes red.

Cleanses negativity from yourself or others. Often used as an amulet to protect against negative energy.

Releases tension and helps mind to focus.

Protects and provides the holder with good luck.

Increases self-esteem and motivates in finishing work.

Safety, courage and confidence.


This lovely pink is the stone of love, it opens the heart, creating a sense of tolerance and compassion. Enhances feelings of trust and harmony in relationships, and calms feelings of anger. Aids in self-love and acceptance. Comforts and heals in times of grief and loss. Reassures and nurtures. Used in the bedroom and it helps with peaceful sleep.

In my next blog about crystals, I will write about how to cleanse and re-charge them. I will also write about how you can use crystals to heal yourself from physical ailments, and how to use them to unblock your chakras.

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